Ten Most Common Questions Asked to Warmline Volunteers

  1. About DAPE – What is the Dallas Association for Parent Education?
  2. Breast feeding – Is it really best and can I still do it if I go back to work?
  3. Coping with Changes – How can I help my child adjust to a new school?
  4. Discipline Problems – How can I get my child to listen more?
  5. Developmental Stages – Should I be alarmed if my baby isn’t doing what the other babies are doing?
  6. Sibling Rivalry – Why are my kids always picking on each other?
  7. Toilet Learning – My three year old boy is still in diapers – is that okay?
  8. Sleep Issues – How can I get my toddler to sleep in his own bed?
  9. Communicating with your child – How can I listen better?
  10. Quality Child Care – How can I find it?

If you would like a guest speaker to discuss simple solutions to these common questions and learn more about this exciting volunteer opportunity please call the Dallas Association for Parent Education (972) 699-0420.

Warmline is a free phone service available to parents and caregivers from Monday through Friday from 10:00am to 3:00p.m. Warmline is staffed by trained volunteers.