Dallas Association for Parent Education


D.A.P.E. was organized in 1959 by five moms who wanted information and resources for parenting. We have grown since those early years to provide support to thousands of parents and teachers of young children.

We provide classes in Childbirth Preparation, Baby Care Basics, Parenting classes and Teacher/Parent Weekend Workshops. We also host several conferences each year for parents and teachers- these are called ”D.A.P.E. PRESENTS: Special Topics”.  DAPE is solely supported through private grants, donations and class revenue; currently we receive NO direct federal/government funding.

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Positive Parenting

The purpose of this curriculum is to review what is known about the consequences of physical punishment and how to offer parents alternative ways to discipline their children.


Teacher/Parent Workshops

An array of workshops for teachers and parents!

DAPE does abuse prevention 12 months a year!

Every year hundreds of thousands of children are abused in this country. Child abuse is a national epidemic that forever changes children. You can make a difference!

DAPE is on the front lines of abuse prevention. Statistics show that one of the best ways to prevent abuse is education. Since 1959 DAPE has been providing community based low cost parenting education.

Abuse Facts and Information

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month symbolized by a blue ribbon. The history of the blue ribbon campaign is one with a heartbreaking story. A grandmother who lost a grandson to child abuse, used a blue ribbon to symbolize his bruises. She started the blue ribbon campaign to bring awareness to the realities of child abuse with the hopes of preventing needless death and suffering.

Volunteer Opportunities

DAPE has ongoing opportunities for volunteers to staff Warmline.

If you are interested in helping others with parenting and improving your own skills, this is what you have been looking for! Perfect for at home moms. In addition get a FREE six week parenting class when you volunteer for one year with DAPE. You can make a difference. Start today! Please call 972-699-0420 or email


Check out our facebook page on ways to ease stress and explore fun activities for kids.


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Tax-deductible donations welcome anytime!

Please make a donation to DAPE. Every dollar that you donate goes directly to our educational programs. Here are some of the ways that we can put your dollars to work right now in our community.

$15.00 – pays for 1 week’s phone bill for the Warmline for Parents
$60.00 – pays for Parenting Classes for 1 parent/$100.00 pays for 2 parents

Contributions can also be made toward Pre-natal Education for a Family or for a Baby Care Class.

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